Exhibition At UNLV

Starting on August 2016 and ending on January 2017 an exhibition of Rita Asfour’s Ballerinas and Showgirls was on display at the Artemus Ham Concert Hall



The Rita Asfour Documentary “Rita Asfour: Art Her Way”

Was aired on Friday, October 13, 10:30 pm on Vegas PBS Channel 10

10 & 1010 Cable 10.1 Digital

Duration: 0:30:00

Description: Explore the life of Rita Asfour, a Las Vegas-based visual artist. Rita came out of retirement to paint the city’s showgirls after seeing their bedazzling performance at Bally’s Jubilee show. Dr. Robert Tracy, of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), recognized the depth and diversity of her art and curated a show for her. This program takes us into her home where she still creates art today.