A Private Auction
Winning Bidders can arrange for their favorite non-profit organization to receive half the amount of their winning bid.


Special Thanks
Special thanks to the following non-profit organizations in gratitude for their support:
Vegas PBS for airing a documentary about Rita in 2017.
University of Nevada in Las Vegas for exhibiting Rita’s paintings in Las Vegas in 2016.

Leukemia Society for exhibiting Rita’s paintings in Pittsburgh in 2013.

City of Hope for exhibiting Rita’s paintings in Beverly Hills in 1969.


The Artist
Rita has enjoyed painting for over seventy years.  Her current collection consists of the art she kept for herself.  In gratitude to the organizations that recognized her talent in the past, Rita decided to auction off some of her most treasured paintings.  This auction is offering the 24 original paintings that were exhibited at UNLV in 2016.  Later, it may be extended to other works by Rita.


Starting bids on all original paintings is $10,000.00.
Provide your name, addressphone, title of the painting on which you are bidding, and your bid amount.
If you want half of your winning bid to be donated to a non-profit organization, please provide the name and address of the organization.
All winning bids will get an Email confirmation at the close of auction on November 5th.
If you are outbid, you will receive an Email with the highest bid amount, where you will then have the opportunity to respond with a higher bid.
The highest bid above the hidden “reserve price” will be considered the winning bid.


By submitting a bid, you are entering into a binding contract to purchase the painting at the bid price if you are the winning bidder.
All information collected will be used solely for the purpose of this auction and no other commercial purpose.
This auction will end at noon PST on November 5, 2017.

Click here to view the original paintings being auctioned

Email your bid to Bidders@RitaAsfour.com



Giclee Prints
All 24 UNLV paintings are also available as Giclee Prints on canvas:
Price:             $950 each

Size:              16×20 inches
Canvas:         Premium
Shipping:      Free in the USA